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Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries
Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries Pharma Chem Machineries
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Laboratory & Quality Control Equipment & Tablet Section

Six Stage Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus
Model No- C-DR 6
The apparatus is designed for simultaneously carrying out six dissolution tests of test tablets/ capsules/ granules and is suitable for quality control and research laboratories in pharmaceuticals Industries.

The apparatus is assembled on a mild steel platform on which a constant temperature water bath made of acrylic is kept on the top of platform.

The unit incorporates one synchronous motor to drive six spindles simultaneously. A set of stirring accessories consisting of stainless steel rod with detachable gold plated basket and stainless steel stirring paddles as per IP/BP/USP std. is supplied for fixing it to each spindle. This is a microcomputer based RPM controller. It has fixed RPM setting 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150.

The top cover of the acrylic water bath tank holds seven numbers of round bottom flanged glass vessel. Each is provided with acrylic top cover and having a centre hole with slit for the stirrer shaft.

A 1.5 kw water heater running on all the four side of the water bath is fixed at the bottom of the water bath. Temperature and time indicator have both combined in one display unit thereby providing accurate digital indication of both the parameters. The indicator shows temperature and time alternately every 5 seconds. The temperature sensing is done by PT-100 probe.

The vessel The vessel arrangement is three on front side and four on backside.

RPM : 25,50,75,100,125,150
Resolution : 1 R.P.M
Accuracy : 1 R.P.M
Temperature : Digital display 37.0 C to 37.20 C
Timer : 1 min. to 99 hrs. 59 mm. Micro-com. Based.
Dimensions : 56 cm x 65 cm x 94 cm
Power : 230 V 50 Hz 110 V 50/60 Hz (Optional)
Weight : 27 Kgs
six stage dissolution rate test apparatus

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Microprocessor Based Tablet Disintegration Machine
Model No – (C- TD-20)

Features :
  • Self validation of RPM
  • Easy to use input Keypad
  • Operation by programme Menu
  • 4 line LCD display
  • Auto Parking of the baskets after the test is over
  • Modular design for 2 simultaneous tests
  • Real Time Display, Set Ellapse Time, Bath / Beaker Temperature on Screen
  • Meets or exceeds all USP/BP specifications
  • Illuminated bath for better visibilty
  • Test Printout
  • Keyboard Interface
Specially designed for testing the disintegration time threshold for solid dosage medication, as required by USP. It is easy tp set up and operate with advanced features.

To operate, the lab technician inputs the length of the run (hours to seconds) loads the tablets and presses the START key. This new version offers validation and programming parameters with its new micro-controller.

The C-TD 20 design allows easy installation and operation of the unit. The C-TD 20 is designed to meet the specifications of USP / IP / BP Pharmacopoeia. The programmable timer to be set Hours to Seconds.

The baskets are automatically parked at the top position at the end of the test and the timer gives an alarm.

For the better viewing of the disintegration illumination is provided at the base of the unit. The temparature can be set from 20° C to 50° C and it is controlled by the Sensor with an accuracy of ± 0.3° C. The machine will generate printout which contains date, time, calibration date, next calibration due date, test start/ finish time & online validation of beaker Temperature.

The temperature can carry out two disintegration test tablets simultaneously. It works on 230 volts single phase A.C 50 Hz.

Temperature : 20°C to 50° C
Accuracy : 0.3°C
Resolution : 0.1° C
Timer Range 99 Hrs. 59 Min. 59 Sec.
Stroke 55mm, 30 Strokes/min
Bath Capacity : 10 Ltrs
Power : 230 V 50 Hz 110 v 60 Hz (optional)
Weight : 27 Kgs
microprocessor based tablet disintegration machine

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Tablet Friability Test Apparatus
Model No – (C- FT-20)

Salient Features :
  • Microprocessor control
  • Programmable counter
  • Side lsoading drums
  • Direct reading in %
  • Sleek Cabinet
This machine is specially to determine the durability of tablets from the time of production to the time use, as its is important to test abrasion and impact hardness of the tablets. The apparatus consist of transparent acrylic drums. The drums are equipped with a plastic blade which carries the tablets along with it upto predetermined height while the drums are rotating and tablets are allowed to slide and let them slide down. The tablets are weight before and after the rubbing in the drum has taken place. The difference in weight indicates the rate of abrasion.

The microprocessor fabricator is equipped with Micro-Computer based Digital display system. The touch switches are provided on the front panel of the apparatus for setting the required total number of revolution of the drum which rotates at 25 revolutions per minute. Each revolution of the from starting from minimum number 1 to required set number to 9999 is displayed on the window as per pre-setting. An audible alarm sounds alarming the operator that the test over. In this new sophisticated model calculator is not required, as the percentage of the abrasion of the tablets is directly displayed on the front panel by feeding the correct data with the help of programmable touch Switches.

Speed : 25 RPM
Accuracy : 1 RPM
Counter : 1 to 9999 revolutions
No. of Drums : One or Two as per model
Display : 4 Digits LED
Dimensions : 26 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm
Supply : 230 V / 50 Hz 1 Ph. (Optional 110 V 60 Hz )
tablet friability test apparatus

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Digital Tablet Hardness Tester
Features :
  • Thickness / Diameter and Hardness Measurements from one test
  • Stepper motor driven mechanism
  • Easy to calibrate. Microcontroller based system with Backlit 2 line Big character LCD Display
  • Report generation and printing of report facility, the results are stored and can be printed even after power failure
  • User Friendly operations as completely Menu driven with suggested actions Error messages.
  • The Campbell's C-DHT 200 Hardness Tester is to test the tablets or cores, sweets etc. The Microprocessor control measurement system provides the versatility and accuracy. All the test results are shown on the digital LCD display and printed on the printer. The hardness range can be checked from 0.5 Kg to 50.0 Kg., N or Kp. A removable tray is attached at the back side of the Machine, the small hand held brush is provided to clean the Sample fragments. The calibration is done by a simple procedure which can be performed at any flat surface with Govt. approved standard weight.
Specifications :
Model No : C-DHT 200
Hardness Accuracy : + 0.1 Kg
Diameter/Thickness Range : 2.0 - 35.0 mm.
Measurement Units -
Hardness Kilogram (Kg)
Newtons (N)
Kiloponds (Kp)
Ramprate : 3 Degree C per minutes
Power : 230 V / 50 Hz 110 V 50/60 Hz (Optional)
Diameter : Millimeter (mm)
Test Method : Automatic
Test Data : Hardness, Diameter, Thickness
Display : 2 x 16 Character Backlit LCD all angle Display
Clock : Real time Clock
Memory : Results of 50 Tablets
Printer Interface : Centronics 25 Pin D type Connector
Printer Support : 80 col. Dotmarix & Deskjet
Net Weight : 12 Kgs.
Dimension (L x W x H) : 305 x 305 x 205 (mm)
digital tablet hardness tester

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Melting Point Apparatus
Model No – C- LMP –1
Melting Point Apparatus is used to detect the melting point substance. Digital Melting Point Apparatus makes measurement simple fast and very convenient an indispensable. Bench top tool for the busy modern laboratory.

Features :
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for transparent as well as colour samples
  • Micro- Controller based to give accurate rate of heating
  • Backlit 2 x 16 character all range LCD Display
  • A membrane key pad allow easy operation for setting, storing and printing
  • Printer port for Dot-Matrix and Deskjet Printer
  • Real Time Clock
  • Printing report from print key
  • Result storing even after power failure
  • Special tray arrangement to remove broken capillaries.
Resolution : 0.1 Degree C
Display : LCD
Temperature : Ambient to 350 Degree C
Accuracy : 0.3 C
Memory : Stores 2 readings per sample for 3 samples
Ramprate : 3 Degree C per minutes
Power : 230 V / 50 Hz 110 V 50/60 Hz (Optional)
Dimension : 292 x 254 x 356 mm
Weight : 7 kg
melting point apparatus

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